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Christina was a founding member, and co-author of the Public Access, Gluten & Allergen Detection, and Medical Scent Standard Tests for O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc. (4/2017 - 12/2019), an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a minimum standard of demonstrated skills for scent detection task trained service dogs. CreScent Service Dogs Inc. requires clients with scent-trained service dogs to pass a scent-based task test for their respective task(s). Any service dog trained in multiple areas of scent detection, for example allergen detection and medical detection and response, will be required to pass each respective scent-based task standards test, prior to graduating from the CreScent Service Dogs Inc. program.

Note: passing these minimum standards serves as evidence of the team's abilities on the date of the testing, but does not guarantee future performance of those skills. Teams must continue to maintain their dog's training, and are encouraged to re-test every two years.


CreScent Service Dogs Inc. strives to train each team above minimum Public Access standards and ethics, as described by Assistance Dogs International (ADI). Additionally, teams should always adhere to IAADP's Minimum Training Standards for Public Access. CreScent Service Dogs Inc. is not a member of ADI, however we strongly believe in training service dogs to the highest standards for both public access and reliability in their tasks.

In preparation for the PA test, all clients will be instructed using a customized curriculum for obedience and manners, with the goal of each team having the ability to complete all levels of the PPG Pet Dog Ambassador program. USA-based teams are encouraged to also test with the AKC Canine Good Citizen  (CGCCGCA and CGCU) program or the UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test (SPOT). Canadian teams are encouraged to test with the CKC Canine Good Neighbor program, while U.K./European teams are encouraged to test with the KC Good Citizen Dog program.

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