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Feyre May 2024.heic
Gluten Detection Service Dog prospect in training

'PR' Thurisia’s The Stars Eternal TKI VHMP VSWB SPAT TPAT LPAT UPAT

About Feyre

Feyre, a standard Alaskan Klee Kai, is the most recent addition to the CreScent family. She was selected for her promising olfactory abilities and overall temperament as a service dog prospect. Feyre showed great scent work aptitude from an early age, as young as 6 weeks old she was air scenting and finding hidden treats. She continues to develop her love for scent work games as she begins her gluten detection training journey. 

Feyre also loves to work and is eager to be involved in all the things. She offers great handler focus, and has shown confidence in all the new environments she has encountered, offering calm settles despite her young age. We have high hopes for her future. 

@feyre.startseternal on Instagram!


Virtual Scent Work Beginner - VSWB (AKC)

Lost Item Puppy Aptitude Test - LPAT (NASDA)

Shed Puppy Aptitude Test - SPAT (NASDA)

Trailing & Locating Puppy Aptitude Test - TPAT (NASDA)

Urban Locating Puppy Aptitude Test - UPAT (NASDA)


Virtual Home Manners Puppy - VHMP (AKC)

Trick Dog Novice - TKN (AKC)

Trick Dog Intermediate - TKI (AKC)


AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy® (AKC)

Feyre, 7 weeks old
Feyre, NASDA Trial, Shed Puppy Aptitude Test

Photo by Bad Azz Dogz

Feyre sitting with her NASDA Puppy Aptitude title ribbons displayed on a lavender Gunner kennel.
Feyre offering handler focus while lying down in a group class.
Feyre 02 NASDA-23MAR2024.jpg

Photo by Bad Azz Dogz

Coming soon: look to this space for Feyre's training progress, to be shared later this year.

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